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Personal Loans in Washington DC: Payback in Installments

As a working American, for any kind of monetary emergency, you look for a source that not only finances you immediately, but also gives you a bit of time to payback. For fixing car, visiting doctor or paying bills, when you have no money, payday loans in DC may be easy to avail, but then you end up paying high rates, and you only have time until the next salary day. There is a high chance of your credit status going worse, especially in an expensive place like Washington. Therefore, you need a better alternative with low risk like an installment loan in DC. As a personal loan that gives you flexibility while repaying in installments. At the same time, you can get a higher amount of cash compared to a payday loan, and pay less APR.

Installment Loans in DC with a Bad Credit: Your Past Should Not Affect Your Present

There are millions of working Americans whose credit status are not perfect. This clearly shows that it is normal. Therefore, having a poor credit, or no credit history is not an issue while applying for a personal installment loan in DC. If you have a good income, and you are able to pay back the loan, then you can easily get a bad credit installment loan online form direct lenders such as CashUSAToday. In this fax less application process, no credit checks are performed. With an approval, you can have access to cash up to $1,500 instantly, and you can pay that back with multiple payments as in the agreement. Compared to a single payment cash loan, where you get a maximum amount like $600, this is much higher.

How to Qualify for an Installment Loan from CashUSAToday?

As mentioned, at CashUSAToday, there is no credit check for an Installment loan. The ability to payback determines the approval. However, to qualify for a loan with multiple payments, you need to

Minimum 18 years old
Be 18 years or more
A valid bank account
Be an American citizen/resident
Have a regular income
Have a steady employment or income source
Have a bank account
A permanent resident of US
Have valid contact details

The application process takes a few minutes to complete. Once approved, the loan amount is credited into your bank account in one business day. Therefore, availing money is really fast here. Just as the loan availing process, the repayment of a DC installment loan also is hassle free and cheaper compared to payday loans. You can apply from your living room, and access to a higher amount of money at any point of financial emergency.


I was tired of paying high interests with payday loans when I found CashUSAToday. Their reasonable rates with longer repayment time is actually what everyone wants in a personal loan.

Cathy Moore
Longfellow St, DC

From application to money transaction and closing, everything followed an order. A smooth and timely installment loan from CashUSAToday. Thank you!

Robert Natalini
Potomac Ave, DC

No paper work, no credit check, no delay in getting the loan amount in account! I really appreciate for your quality service. Highly recommended for personal installment loans in DC.

Oscar Vachon
35th St NW, DC


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