Installment Loans serve as a key financial instrument in many people’s lives. These short to long term personal loans are a solution used by many in situations of emergencies, unforeseen financial expenses and other to address various other expenses that their savings may not be able and/or intended to cover.

Various forms of installment loans exists but this article pertains to the guaranteed installment loans that are offered by non-bank direct lenders. These are short term monthly repayment personal loans.

Why does one need a Guaranteed Installment Loan?

Direct lender loans tend to be high risk loans which makes them have higher associated interest rates and fees. Typically, people only choose such loans in one or more of these situations:

  • They are in an emergency
  • They suffer from a bad credit history
  • They need a loan that has least chances of failure
  • They do not wish to go through paperwork
  • They’ve been rejected a loan elsewhere and are looking for a second chance on a loan
  • They do not have time for visiting a bank or going through the formalities that a bank loan requires.

A simple look at these needs helps anyone understand that there’s little room in most such people’s situations, to not get their loan, and soon. This is where the added expense of a direct lender loan, is often overlooked by a borrower – a Guaranteed Installment Loan that comes with a very high rate of approval, is indeed simply ideal to serve such requirements.

What does the Guarantee Really Mean?

Various direct lenders make different guarantees of their loans. When you seek a Guaranteed Installment Loan from CashUSAToday, our promise is both practical and mutually achievable.

We guarantee that provided you are eligible for a loan and that you apply for a loan which your income can safely repay in time, we guarantee to approve your loan. We offer loans of 3 to 12 month tenures with a cap of $1,000. The eligibility requires:

  • A proof of stable income (current employment)
  • SSN as a proof of permanent residence or citizenship of the United States
  • 18 years of age or older in age
  • Active savings bank account

A guarantee of this sort – something which is totally practical and manageable, is a legitimate one. When a loan guarantee seems too good to be true, chances are that it’s exactly what it seems.

Are all Direct Lenders Equal?

This commonly raised question has a rather simple answer. Legitimate direct lenders follower the Federal and State laws, maintain a strong online presence and work towards good customer experience, which is reflected in reviews, testimonials, etc. Many fictitious lenders and registered lenders with malpractices are out there and it is essential to look through those signs before agreeing to take a loan.

Apply for a Legitimate Guaranteed Installment Loan

At CashUSAToday, we take pride in providing quick and easy personal loans with monthly repayments, for borrowers who meet our fairly basic eligibility criteria. When you’re ready to proceed, we welcome you to head to our Guaranteed Installment Loan application page.