How Installment Loans Give You a Better Deal

How Installment Loans Give You a Better DealIt’s been some time people are going for installment loans to fulfill their urgent cash needs than the traditional payday loans. With all fairness, the reason behind that is quite simple. Online installment loans provide more benefits which cash advances fail to. Among them, the most important factor is higher cash amounts. Borrowers don’t mind paying the interest, but they want adequate funds to fix their temporary financial issue. Usually, a payday advance gives only up to $500 which seems to be very little. Thanks to direct lenders like CashUSAToday, now borrowers are able to get $1,500 with no credit check. The second most important reason behind the popularity of the flex pay loans is the flexible and lengthy repayment terms that can be 3 months in most cases. On the other hand, payday loans need to be repaid by the next payday, and that makes life a lot harder.

Apart from those two main factors contributing to the growing liking towards the personal installment loans, low interest rates, no hidden fees, non-requirement of any collateral, having no fear of late payment because of the repayment flexibility, possibility of a little saving and credit boosting makes the deal a lot better. Financial companies like us make it incredibly fast to avail a monthly payment loan and that too with an easy set of requirements to qualify.

How Do I Qualify for an Installment Loan?

Qualifying for an installment loan from CashUSAToday is one of the easiest things ever. First of all, you need to have a social security number and you must be at least 18 years old. According to the federal and state laws, those are must irrespective of whoever your lender is. Then, you must have a checking account to receive the funds, and valid contact details to be able to communicate if needed. And another important requirement is your income proof which can be the bank statements or your paystubs. This is necessary since (a) these loans are unsecured cash loans and you are not pledging any collateral and (b) your bad credit is also accepted. Since the lender is taking a risk while funding you, your income status lets help establish how much you can borrow. This also helps you in protecting your credit score.

Apply now for a guaranteed installment loan, it takes hardly 3 minutes!

Now that you know how easy it is to qualify for online installment loans from us, you must not wait to request your needed cash amount. Apply now for a guaranteed installment loan, it takes hardly 3 minutes!

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