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Are There Alternatives to Payday Loans?

Payday-Loan-Alternatives-Installment-LoansPayday loans can be difficult to go through especially when it comes to repayment. They are loans that come with higher interest rates than most other ones do, and are meant to be repaid in lump-sum. The annoying part about these loans is the fact that they are needed to be repaid in wholesome. This can lead to a dicey situation if one doesn’t earn enough to compensate for his/her expenses as well as for the repayment of a payday loan.… Read More..

How Loans can help with Hardships

How Loans can help with HardshipsA financial hardship is often an inevitable situation in the lives of most individuals. Few today have the ability, opportunity, need and expertise to plan and prepare finances such that no situation can be financially challenging. The market today hence offers solutions in the form of loans, to address this situation. For almost all financial hardships, there are likely to be loan options out there, that can serve as temporary solutions.… Read More..

Installment Loans with Instant Approval based on Income

A few years ago, most people looking for a quick loan in an emergency or a loan that serves them despite bad credit scores, had not many options. The payday loan acted as a go-to solution for such borrowers. Today, however, select direct lenders such as us at CashUSAToday, offer installment loans that can feature instant approvals depending upon your income, and hence, your credit score doesn’t impact the loan decision. Such loans can be ideal for emergency borrowing as well as those who look for loans while suffering from … Read More..

5 Reasons Installment Loans Make a Better Choice

Whether a borrower suffers from bad credit scores or is in a need of emergency funds in a situation that cannot accommodate the delays associated with most traditional loans, a direct lender loan is likely to be the solution one needs. Installment loans that some direct lenders offer, can be ideal for many such situations and feature multiple attractive advantages that give them an edge over other products like payday loans.… Read More..