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Borrowing Money Online without a Paycheck

Borrowing Money OnlineBorrowing money online can be a convenient solution to short-term financial requirements. Today, many loan options exist, that offer simple and quick service via completely online solutions. Borrowing money can be easy, but typically, you shall need a proof of a stable income in the form of paychecks or salary slips. But what if you have stable income that enables you to pay off a loan on time, yet you don’t have a pay stub to share? This can happen if you’re self-employed, free-lancing, working as an independent consultant, or … Read More..

Can You Get a Second Payday Loan?

Payday loans sure are useful to a lot of people- especially those who need money immediately. As long as one is certain about being able to repay such a loan with slightly more stringent terms as compared to most other loans, it can be a good bet to borrow them.

second payday loanWhen you take a payday loan, you should understand their repayment terms (one has to repay these loans in lump-sum that too on their next consecutive pay date). That means that it is advisable for you to calculate all your … Read More..

Payday Loans for Teachers

Can Teachers Take Payday LoansBeing a teacher is a highly respectful job, but is it highly paying too? If you’re one, you may know that not all teachers necessarily get high salaries. As per to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, teachers of elementary schools get paid anywhere from $37780 – $95270 annually, which brings it down to $3148 – $7939 on a monthly ]basis. Now, if you’re one who gets paid around or as much as the latter, you may be in good shape. But, if you’re among those 10% of teachers who gets … Read More..